Old School First-person RPG glory


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Buriedbornes is a first-person RPG where players create a character, and you have to descend through a Dungeon full of dangers. Your goal: end the evil 'Ancient Overlord', who'll lurch in the darkness waiting for you in the depths of the Dungeon.

Before starting a new game, players create their character choosing between several different kinds. Warrior, Priest, Mage, Paladin, or Explorer are just some of the many classes that you can choose from, each with their own attributes and their own special abilities.

El sistema de juego de Buriedbornes es simple de aprender... pero muy difícil de dominar. Basically you have to go deciding in which room you want to enter, taking into account what you could find hiding in each corner. When in a room you do happen to encounter an enemy, you're forced to fight them. These battles will take place by turns, where you have to go by choosing what skill we use every time.

Between combat and the next, before entering a new room, you'll get to manage your own character and skills inventory. Doing this is very important, because if you are not careful, you may be in a situation where you'll end up rendered completely without attack skills.

Buriedbornes is an excellent RPG, offering a gaming experience that's got a very 'old school' feel to it. Overall it's a fun and different title that is sure to be a favorite among RPG fans who are looking for a real challenge.


Android 2.3 or higher required.

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